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Shelly and a good friend My name is Shelly Richardson, and I'm the owner and founder of Sunny Acres Ranch. From the time I could walk and talk as a small child, I was completely in love with all things equine. I received my first pony as a 4-year-old, and in spite of his many naughty little behaviors, I was hooked. I had a Welsh mare later on, and she was my best buddy until my family made a move across several states. After the move, horses were not a part of my life for several years, but I always knew eventually I would have another horse again.

I purchased my first horse (as an adult) in 1998, and began pursuing natural horsemanship techniques in 1999. I have studied several natural horsemanship clinicians, and have learned a great deal from each of them.

Coelho - his name means rabbit in Portuguese. Do you see his rabbit? In 2003, one of my horses began to exhibit some behavioral problems like bucking when being ridden, becoming cranky when groomed, hard to catch, and pacing the fence line - even while he was eating! Needless to say, he was also losing weight as well.

My research for answers as to why my horse’s personality had dramatically changed led me to Dynamite Nutritional Supplements. Through the guidance of some qualified professionals who have now become my mentors and teachers, we discovered that my horse was suffering from an ulcer, some mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and had some ribs in spasm. With a few body adjustments and a change in nutrition, these "behavioral" problems went away.

The change in Coelho was my main reason for becoming a Dynamite distributor in 2004. Coelho lived to be 24 years old, but most people always guessed him to be about half his age! I also still have that first horse I bought in 1998. She is 33 years old this year!

I have always been a hands-on horse owner, and need to know the how and why of things. I taught myself to trim my horse's feet using barefoot trimming methods, assisted a Certified Equine Dentist with dozens of dental exams and dentistry, and have taken in more almost 200 horses for rehabilitation and boarding. I have dealt with such physical issues as Cushing's Disease, navicular disease, melanoma, founder, sore backs, horrible wounds, colic, and kidney failure.

In June 2006, I attended a 3-day seminar on equine reflexology, nutrition, and energy balancing. The class taught techniques to test horses for possible mineral/vitamin deficiencies, and exercises to train the horse’s muscles to collect and strengthen more naturally. I completed the Apprentice program in April, 2007, and became Level 1 Certified in Equine Bio-Energy Analysis Technique. During these classes, I became very aware of how many times the behavioral issues can often be caused by an underlying and undiagnosed physical issue.

In 2010, I started the Veterinary Technology program at Yakima Valley Community College. I graduated the program in June, 2014 with Honors, and received my Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology Degree. I am certain these additional skills will be very helpful with all of the horses I come into contact with in the future.

Shelly Richardson, LVT

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