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Sunny Acres Ranch is a "natural boarding" facility.

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So, what exactly IS natural boarding?

Natural boarding is the philosophy of trying to provide an environment for
the horse as close to the life of a wild horse as possible while
he/she is held in captivity or domestication.

Horses grazing Horses are grazers
Horses are naturally grazers - eating small amounts of food all day long. We provide spacious pastures, so that all horses can graze and wander throughout the day.

Horses naturally feed at ground level. No hay racks or tall mangers where they reach upwards to eat. Not only is this practice unnatural for a horse, but it can also tweak their TMJ and cause respiratory problems from inhaling dust off of the hay.

Free to roam Free to roam
In the wild, horses would naturally roam 10-15 miles per day. Although it is impossible to create that type of environment on 20 acres, the horses at the ranch do have at least 2-5 acre pastures to roam throughout the day.

Horses are not locked in stalls at Sunny Acres Ranch. This prevents the movement they need to be naturally healthy - both physically and mentally.

I have also found that by letting horses graze and wander as they would choose to do naturally if given the choice, the "behavioral problems" such as weaving, cribbing, grinding teeth, pacing, flank biting, and lip popping do not exist within the herds at Sunny Acres Ranch.

Good friends Horses are herd animals
As a prey animal, horses feel safest when they are part of a herd. Horses at Sunny Acres Ranch are turned out in their pastures with a compatible buddy or two, so they can be in a herd situation. Careful consideration is given when placing a horse in their herd. Factors that are considered include age, size, temperament, and sex.

In some instances, a horse may need to be kept in a private paddock or pasture, but other horses are boarded nearby so that horse does not feel alone.

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