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Sunny Acres Ranch will be hosting more fun events in 2017!

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February 15th - Get Light in the Saddle Weight Loss Challenge
Join the Facebook group Fit For Your Horse for more details!

Sunny Acres Ranch assisted the Benton County Sheriff Department a few months ago by providing training on recognizing horse neglect and abuse. A specific questionnaire was created and shared with the officers to use for owner neglect complaints. The knowledge from this training will help document and record owner neglect,and provide education for horse owners in Benton County. It is my hope that this will be of great benefit to many horses and owners in our area! Sheriff Keane was kind enough to send a wonderful recommendation letter. Hopefully, other counties would be interested in receiving this training as well.

Recommendation letter received from the Benton County Sheriff Department for training they received regarding horse 
	neglect and abuse

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